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charmed82 wrote in tsrforfree
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hey I was wondering if you could please upload these ballerina sets by *Bunny* from the sims resource?
Ballerina 2:*Bunny*/downloads/details/category/sims2-sets-clothing/title/ballerina/id/934203/

I've been looking for them for free everywhere but no go, I would really appreciate it =(
By the way thank you for uploading NewSeas's hair =)

Re: *Bunny* ballerina

If you still need this, I have only Balerina-2 set

I'm going to renew my subscribition very soon and will try to get another set.

i would like to request two sets from steffor at tsr if this is still possible

thanks very mcuh in advance also for the other things at your site

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